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I absolutely love comments and favourites on my drawings, but if they are not at the level you appreciate, I don't blame you: I am no Michelangelo. However, I do hope you enjoy my gallery. :)

Random Favourites

Just some pieces of art and such that I enjoy. :)

-You have to say who tagged you!
-You must be truthful. No cheating!
-You must answer ALL questions!
-You just lost The Game. Muahaha~
-If you don't tag anyone at the end, I WILL GENTLY UN-ALIVE YOU!!

Tagged by TiberAelius

The Basics
1. Full name: My pen name is Ryuuko Mikami, but I cannot say my actual name.
2. Age: Sorry, I can't say. But how old do you think I am? Ehehe~ Please tell me. I'm very curious to know what you think. XD
3. Birth Date: The first of September. :D
4. Birth Place: The Earth. :iconheplz:
5. Gender: Female. :3
6. Occupation: Something. :D
7. Primary School: ....
8. High School: ....
9. College/University: Sorry, but this type of info is not the type I share freely on the internet. :/
10. Eye Colour: Blue/green-grey with a spot of hazel in my right. ^^ Like Solí's eyes. :3
11. Hair Colour: Golden brown
12. Currently Living: Can't say. Sorry.

13. Food: Too many to pick one. But... I like authentic food. :3
14. Drink: Err... Water and tea. :3
15. Band/Singer: Anthem Lights. :la: And Hillsong español. :D
16. Song: Oh.... Impossible. I love music. Hmmm... Perhaps "Nunca Fallará". In English it's called "Rise". :)

17. Movie: North & South (by Elizabeth Gaskell, produced by BBC)
18. TV Show: Hmm... Sherlock. :3 If it's anime, then probably Hetalia, Fairy Tail, or Ouran High School Host Club.
19. Book: Ooh, hard. Ummm, maybe Thr3e by Ted Dekker or Pride and Predjudice by Jane Austen. They're great books.
20. Colour: Blues, greens, browns, reds, I dunno. I love a lot of colours. I don't really like hot pink, though...

Do you prefer...
21. Coke or Pepsi?: 7-UP. :D Or rootbeer. (Not following directions like a boss. XD)
22. Anime or Disney: Both. Don't make me try to choose.
23. Guys or Girls?: What do you mean? Romantically or friend-based? If the former, guys; if the latter, both.
24. Lips or Eyes?: Um... Eyes. I don't tend to pay attention to lips as much as eyes.
25. Kisses or Hugs?: Hugs. Honestly, I don't like having slobbery cheeks. ._.
26. Eating or Drinking?: Depends on whether I'm hungry or thirsty. I like both. XD
27. Novels or Comics?: Both, totally both. I love novels, but I really like manga, too (regular comics not so much).
29. Outdoors or Indoors: Erm, Well, I really love it outside, but I spend a lot of time indoors. Maybe I'll just say outdoorsunless I'm tired. Then I prefer to stay inside.
30. Camera or Cellphone?: Camera. I barely use my phone.
32. TV or Computer?: Computer. Unless it's for a movie. Then TV.
33. Why did you choose your username?: Well, let's just say I borrowed an idea from my sister. XD
34. What is your favorite piece of your own work? Um... Probably one of these: Dry Your Tears, Grim by Sunbeargirl Kalis and Iecal~ by Sunbeargirl Basketball Life by Sunbeargirl Contest Entry - Snowball Fight! by Sunbeargirl But if it's writing, then probably this:

Just a Friendly Match ~ America x Reader(Author's Note: Since the silly title was too long...)
Just a Friendly Match – Basketballer!America x Basketballer!Reader

    _____ blocked her opponent's shot easily and snatched the basketball out of her hands. She swiftly passed it to another guard and the opposing team fled to the other half of the court. Her teammate passed the ball back to her, and _____ crossed half court at a steady dribble.
    She called out a play and her team ran it. A post player set a pick for her as she drove to the basket, and she scored an easy layup. The buzzer rang and the crowd erupted in cries of victory. The girls on _____'s team then shouted together for the other team with three cheers of “Hip, hip, hooray!”, along with two cheers for the referees and one for themselves.
    Alfred jumped off the bleac

35. What is your most popular Deviation?  ????? x Reader - Hetalia FanFiction - School DaysAuthor's Note: In this fanfic, Reader-chan is very athletic as well as studious. She's also tall-ish, so if none of these things fit you, just pretend you are and imagine what it would be like. ^^ I've read many fanfictions where the reader is short, un-sporty, or bad at school, so I thought I'd add a different-ish type of Hetalia x Reader fanfic for those of us who don't fit that description. ^^ Please enjoy. Oh, and I've not quite decided who Reader-chan will end up with, so that is why it remains a mystery to you all. :meow: Ehehehehe. You can, however, give me input on who you think should be the lucky guy. I do have an idea. :3 Please also give me ideas for the title... I feel very at a loss at the moment. ~_~

    You looked down at your watch as you sprinted forward, backpack thumping into your back with each elongated stride. I'm late again! you thought as you rounded the corner o

36. Look to your left. What is the first thing you see? My iPad.
37. Now to your right: A piece of blank paper under my sketchbook.
38. Something you can't live without: Water.

The last... 
39. Person you saw: My sister
40. Person you hugged: My first cousin (once removed) or his daughter (my second cousin). Or my stuffed animal. :3
41. Movie you watched: Avatar.
42. Song you listened to: "That's What I'm Looking For" by Anthem Lights
43. Book you read: Last one finished: The Martyr's Song by Ted Dekker. Last one read (part of it): Persuasion by Jane Austen.
44. Thing you ate/drank: Water.
45. Time you cried and why: After a dream I had about two of my favourite teachers who left my school to go elsewhere. One was about to tell me something special, but then I woke up (or was woken up [I don't remember]). :( I cried because I remembered that I wouldn't see either of them again.
46. Time you laughed and why: I chuckled a few seconds ago, but I laughed maybe 10 minutes ago. My cousin had just sung these words: "Rice, rice, baby" to the rhythm of the line "Ice, ice, baby". XD We are going to be eating rice soon. :3 I like rice.
47. Time you went out: Out... Where? Outside? Haha... Yesterday. I actually haven't been outside yet today. O.o I need to do that.

The first...
48. Person you dated: Never dated before. :P
49. Person you kissed: Nope, not that either. Only on the cheeks of my parents. Sometimes we missed the cheeks, but that doesn't count. Dogs also don't count. Several dogs have licked my mouth before (the outside, lol).
50. Crush you had: A little boy in my preschool class. No clue what his name is, but I think we liked each other...? All I remember is that he was cute. I can't even recall his face, lol. But I think he had brown hair.
51. Thing you think about when you wake up: I usually am thinking about the dream I just had or about the fact that I can't remember the dream I had or that I didn't really have a dream.
52. Best friend you ever had: My friend who moved away and currently lives on the other side of the world. :( But I got to see her about a week ago. Yay for summer holiday~
53. School you went to: The preschool at which I met the first boy I liked (I think I liked him, that is).
54. Big holiday you went on: No clue. I've had many holidays...
55. Award you got: Um... Maybe graduation from preschool? Honestly, I have no idea.

Have you ever... 
56. Broken the law: Nope.
57. Been arrested: No, obviously.
58. Had a hangover: No. That would be foolish.
59. Been in hospital: Yes. I was born in one, and I've also dislocated my right shoulder...
60. Been in a car crash: No.
61. Flown on a plane: Yes, so many times I could never count. XD I basically grew up flying. I honestly was flying before I was born. :D
62. Been on a boat: Yes. Many times.
63. Traveled overseas: Of course.
64. Had sex: No. Ew. Why would you ask that?
65. Gotten pregnant: No, what the heck are you getting at?
66. Had an abortion: For the last time, NO. Why would I do that even if I got in that type of trouble?
67. Been to a concert: Depends on the type of concert. If school band concerts, then yes. I kind of am part of them. ^^'
68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something: I don't think so...
69. Skipped school/work: No, that's stupid. It just adds work for later. Unless being sick counts. In that case, I have missed school because I was sick.
70. Broken a bone: No, but I've subluxed/dislocated my shoulder 6 times...

(Where are the missing 14 questions...?)

More personal stuff...
85. Religion: I am a Christian. :3
86. Social class: Middle class. But I guess that makes me wealthy.
87. Ethnicity: Guess. :iconheplz:
88. Languages spoken: Fluently, I only speak English. But I speak a considerable amount of Spanish. Speak to me in either language! :D I know certain phrases in Japanese, too.
89. A scar you have: One on my lower lip. I crashed into a classmate in a game during physical education one day...
90. Preferred medium: Traditional (pencils and coloured pencils).

Totally random...
91. Where is your dream holiday location?: Hmm... Holiday? I dunno... Ah, the United Kingdom. :3
92. What are you wearing right now?: A Dry-fit T-shirt and jean shorts.
93. What is the last thing you bought?: Food or clothes. I don't remember.
94. When did you join Deviant Art?: A little over three years ago.
95. Why did you join?: I don't really remember. I think I just wanted to have a place to upload real art that I drew on actual paper because my mouse drawings really stink.
96. What type of membership do you have?: Regular membership. :P
97. Are you playing a game? Which game?: Currently, I'm playing nothing.
98. Are you a member of any other websites?: Yeah, a whole ton of other websites. I used to use them a lot, but now I only really use dA. I used to use ChickenSmoothie so much. And FooPets and PonyStars, Webkinz, and BellaSara. ._. All these really childish animal websites... I used to be obsessed with animals. I still love them, but I'm not so obsessed anymore. XD
99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones?: Ah, not necessarily. But sometimes it's fun because it makes you think about yourself more. ;3

Tagging people:

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Artist | Student | Varied
Hi! Call me Sun (short for Sunbeargirl, to state the obvious) or Ryuuko/Ryuu (you can add -chan, -san, or whatever according to how well you know me--I don't particularly care, though ^^) I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself so that you may feel like you know me better. :D

I am a girl who loves to play sports. Creating art, performing music, and reading or writing literature are also things I enjoy doing in my spare time; and I enjoy spending time with my friends, whether they are close or not. I am very loyal and caring, and I like to stick up for what I believe in, though I try my best to understand differing sides. So, if I ever offend you, please tell me kindly. I try to look at the good things I have and hold those close to my heart. Jesus has a perfect plan for my life and yours, be it a huge one or small. c: Thanks for reading my bio. :D

My profile picture was made with this:…
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My Dream Selfy of my character Ryuuko:

I hope you enjoy my art! Have a wonderful day, and God bless. :)

I do really cheap commissions, if you're interested. :P Art trades also work. ^^

:iconbplz::iconaplz::iconkplz::iconaplz: has officially become my favourite word. :iconheplz:


Dragons--Only Lines or Lines & Shading
Traditional Steeg by Sunbeargirl
Soli and Kura-Kura by Sunbeargirl
[Really Old] Request... by Sunbeargirl
Smaug by Sunbeargirl
An Angry, Wet Mood... Within Reason? by Sunbeargirl
If you want a grayscale drawing or don't want to (or can't) pay 20 points for a drawing, these will work for you just as well! :D Just give a link to a picture or a detailed description of your dragon and the position you want him or her to be in. ;) Also can be full-body or just a head-shot.

Looking forward to it! :meow: (If you can't pay, send me a message and we can figure out what to do from there. :))
Dragons--Coloured and Shaded
An Enjoyable Flight (Commission) by Sunbeargirl
Running Along the Way by Sunbeargirl
Jazz by Sunbeargirl
Butterfly Nose by Sunbeargirl
Raspberry (Contest Entry--Electrica) by Sunbeargirl
Need someone to draw your dragon character? Let it be my pleasure. ;) These are coloured and shaded so that is why they are more. :)
When you ask for a commission, please give me the link to a picture of your character or a very detailed description. Also, please tell me what position you'd like your dragon to be in (ex: running, lying down, flying, sitting, etc.). It will help me greatly. :D If can be full-body or just a head. Your choice. :)

I look forward to drawing for you! (If you don't have 20 points, we can work something out. ;))

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