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I absolutely love comments and favourites on my drawings, but if they are not at the level you appreciate, I don't blame you: I am no Michelangelo. However, I do hope you enjoy my gallery. :)

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Just some pieces of art and such that I enjoy. :)


Blaze x Lola by Sunbeargirl
Blaze x Lola
Just a sketch. I didn't have an eraser. ;-; That's why there are some weird lines (like failed faces and feet, oh my goodness). I'll edit it later. XD Just wanted to get it up so I could be the first to draw them together. They're so cute, I can't even.

Blaze and Lola belong to MiyakoLupa. :3
Slowly dying over here. I've so much work to do and such little time, I can't even--

    La Princesa y el Dragón

      Había una vez un dragón. Él vivía en un castillo grande, y en ése había muchas joyas y muchos tesoros—él había sido muy codicioso previamente, pero ahora no hacía nada salvo dormir y volar. Sin embargo, había un reino vacante sobre el castillo del dragón; y cada casa estaba vacía. Aunque el dragón tenía mucho, estaba triste porque nunca vio a nadie.

    Un día, una princesa se aburría; así que paseó a caballo. A ella le encantaba montar a su caballo maravilloso,

     porque podía escaparse de sus padres y todos los pretendientes que querían casarse con ella. La princesa los odiaba—ellos eran muy, muy molestosos—así que fue con su caballo al bosque.

     Este día particular, el dragón había volado en el cielo para relajarse. Cuando volaba, vio un caballo que estaba galopando a lo largo del bosque, debajo de las copas de los árboles. También, él vio que llevaba una niña en la espalda. Estaban cerca de su castillo, así que quería ver quién era la niña. El dragón voló abajo y aterrizó enfrente del caballo y su jinete.

    El caballo de la princesa la tiró de la espalda, y huyó de miedo del dragón. –¡No, Libertad!– la princesa gritó. –¿Adónde vas? ¡Vuelve!– Pero el caballo no regresó. La niña estaba sola con el dragón.

    –¡No me comas, por favor, oh dragón poderoso! ¡No quiero morir todavía!– suplicó la princesa. Ella se postró antes de él, orando a Dios por su ayuda.

    –Paz, mi princesa;– respondió él, –no voy a lastimarte.– ¡Lo que pasó después les sorprendió mucho a los dos!

     ¡La princesa saltó de alegría! ¡El dragón no iba a matarla! Ella corrió al dragón y lo abrazó. Ella besó su hocico también y algo extraño sucedió. ¡Ahora el dragón era un chico joven y guapo!

    Él se inclinó. –Soy un príncipe perdido, mi señorita. Por eso no quería lastimarte.– Le dio una sonrisa brillante y besó su mano. –¡Gracias por liberarme del cuerpo del dragón! Cuando era dragón, solamente conocía la codicia; pero habías brillado brillantemente en mi vida. ¿Te casarás conmigo?–

    Se abrazaron. –¡Sí, mi príncipe!– dijo la princesa.

    Y vivieron felices para siempre. :D

La Princesa y el Dragon
A little story I composed for a Spanish project. XD Quite silly, I know, but I think I might add to it later. The end, though. Soooo abrupt. XD

Note to Spanish-speakers: If you find errors before I fix them, please let me know! :D

Story (c) me
Chenya by Sunbeargirl
A Hebrew name meaning "grace of the Lord". It was a name I thought sounded pretty. :3 Her nickname can be Chen. :) 
This is my new character. So I have yet to decide on her colours, but I will get there when I've the time to do so. As of now, I don't. -.-"

She is of no species and has hooves that are split into three sections. That might not be very apparent in this drawing, so I thought I'd mention it. ;)

Art & Chenya (c) me
A quick livestream in case anyone's interested. ^^ (Forgot to start it earlier, and I've been working awhile. ^^' Oh, well. I need to leave soon, though.
I'm back! Working for an indefinite amount of time. Please join me! :D
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Artist | Student | Varied
Hi! Call me Sun (short for Sunbeargirl, to state the obvious) or Ryuuko/Ryuu (you can add -chan, -san, or whatever according to how well you know me--I don't particularly care, though ^^) You may also call me Sol. It is Spanish for Sun. ^^
I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself so that you may feel like you know me better. :D

I am a girl who loves to play sports. Creating art, performing music, and reading or writing literature are also things I enjoy doing in my spare time; and I enjoy spending time with my friends, whether they are close or not. I am very loyal and caring, and I like to stick up for what I believe in, though I try my best to understand differing sides. So, if I ever offend you, please tell me kindly. I do not intend offence. ;) I try to look at the good things I have and hold those close to my heart. Jesus has a perfect plan for my life and yours, be it a huge one or small. c: Thanks for reading my bio. :D

My profile picture was made with this:…
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My Dream Selfy of my character/persona Ryuuko:

I hope you enjoy my art! Have a wonderful day, and God bless. :)

I do really cheap commissions, if you're interested. :P Art trades also work. ^^ Currently, I have many things to do, so they are closed. :P

:iconbplz::iconaplz::iconkplz::iconaplz: has officially become my favourite word. :iconheplz:

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Dragons--Only Lines or Lines & Shading
Traditional Steeg by Sunbeargirl
Soli and Kura-Kura by Sunbeargirl
[Really Old] Request... by Sunbeargirl
Smaug by Sunbeargirl
An Angry, Wet Mood... Within Reason? by Sunbeargirl
If you want a grayscale drawing or don't want to (or can't) pay 20 points for a drawing, these will work for you just as well! :D Just give a link to a picture or a detailed description of your dragon and the position you want him or her to be in. ;) Also can be full-body or just a head-shot.

Looking forward to it! :meow: (If you can't pay, send me a message and we can figure out what to do from there. :))
Dragons--Coloured and Shaded
An Enjoyable Flight (Commission) by Sunbeargirl
Running Along the Way by Sunbeargirl
Jazz by Sunbeargirl
Butterfly Nose by Sunbeargirl
Raspberry (Contest Entry--Electrica) by Sunbeargirl
Need someone to draw your dragon character? Let it be my pleasure. ;) These are coloured and shaded so that is why they are more. :)
When you ask for a commission, please give me the link to a picture of your character or a very detailed description. Also, please tell me what position you'd like your dragon to be in (ex: running, lying down, flying, sitting, etc.). It will help me greatly. :D If can be full-body or just a head. Your choice. :)

I look forward to drawing for you! (If you don't have 20 points, we can work something out. ;))

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